[BlogOl' Blue Eyes and the CNN Virus

(May 5, 2020)

Ol' Blue Eyes famously sang, "it's up to you, New York." If Frank is right, heaven help us, because based on relentless media reports, New York is a harbinger for the entire country. But clinically speaking, the NY Metro area is an N of 1 trial. A clinical trial with a single patient. The NY Metro area healthcare providers are heroically fighting COVID-19, but they're also fighting an indisputable number of other factors that don't apply to the rest of the country, which include population density, infrastructure, and other physical characteristics that make the Big Apple truly one of kind. Despite these unique challenges, CNN and the Gray Lady have been applying the clinical findings from the recent trials and tribulations of the NY Metro area to the entire country.

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[Blog] Healthcare's "Too Big to Fail" Moment

(March 30, 2020)

Every health system executive remembers how the Federal government effectively determined the fate of large banks in the 2008-2009 recession. A few health system executives remember the savings and loan crisis that resulted in the Federal government’s closure or “resolution” of 1,043 of the 3,234 savings and loans associations throughout the United States between 1986-1995. 

Suddenly, hospitals and health systems face the imminent threat of both a “bulge bracket” crisis and a “savings and loan” crisis, and the $117B allocated from the CARES Act is a pittance for the largest sector of the largest industry in the largest economy on the planet.

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[eBook] (re)Starting a Surgical Service Line

(April 14, 2020)

As soon as the CDC retracts its March 15, 2020 guidance to cancel elective surgeries, it will be essential for health systems and physicians to be prepared for a deluge of surgical cases, even if the return to full capacity is more measured. Identifying ways to rapidly increase volumes will be critical to your system’s short-term viability, and long-term position in the market.

In this guide you will see how to:

  1. Select the right service lines to focus on growing,
  2. Maximize communication efforts with your physicians,
  3. Proactively schedule your OR,
  4. And optimize your OR for operational excellence."

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[Blog] Farr's Law, Y'all

(August 17, 2020)

An update to our original post on August 3 where we applied Farr's Law to the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S., we have expanded our analysis to COVID-19 deaths through August 16, which are presented using a 7-day rolling average, as suggested by The COVID Tracking Project. 

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[Blog] Now What?

(July 9, 2020)

On June 23, U.S. District Court Judge Carl J. Nichols dismissed the American Hospital Association’s lawsuit against HHS Secretary Alex Azar by which the AHA hoped to block CMS’s “price transparency rule”. In his 43-page opinion, Judge Nichols dismantled the AHA’s arguments against the price transparency rule. 

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