[Article]  Understanding the hidden costs of COVID-19's potential impact on US healthcare

(McKinsey, Sept. 4, 2020)

"While the direct impact of COVID-19 has already been substantial, additional layers of delayed or indirect impact have the potential to dwarf the immediate effects. These additional layers of impact related to COVID-19 could result in $125 billion to $200 billion in incremental annual US health system cost." 

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[Brief]  Telehealth claims dipped second month in a row in June

(Healthcare Dive, Sept. 3, 2020)

"Patients turned to virtual care in droves in the early months of the pandemic, often due to a lack of alternatives as their state and local governments restricted availability of in-person care to free up healthcare resources to fight COVID-19. On a year-over-year basis, telehealth claim lines for privately insured people [jumped drastically in March, April, and May, however], virtual care claims fell 21% from May to June as states began to resume in-person treatment for non-emergency medical care, allowing patients to return to their doctor."

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[Article]  6 Ways to Build the Healthcare System of the Future

(HealthLeaders Media, August 9, 2020)

"Healthcare delivery tomorrow will look much different than today for a variety of reasons. Consumer expectations, the emergence of nontraditional players, and a move to value-based care are among the driving forces. Yet nearly all advancements ride on the backbone of technology and the ability to harness a massive quantity of data now being produced."

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[Video]  Healthcare: The Great Unlock

(Andreessen Horowitz, August 7, 2020)

"Very rarely—perhaps even just once a generation—an extraordinary event or force comes along that completely transforms a stagnant industry. We are experiencing that moment right now in healthcare, in what is a mass acceleration of opportunities for company creation across the care delivery space." 

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[Video]  Site Neutral Payments: What Are They & What Can You Do to Address It?

(Trilliant Health)

CMS’ Site Neutral Payment regulation is expected to put a huge financial strain on hospitals. What should hospitals be doing to address what is inevitably going to be a multimillion dollar shortfall? It's important to understand what the impact could be, strategize ways of filling the hole, and actually recovering from it. 

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