[Webinar] Evolving Markets Summit

(Trilliant Health, OnDemand)

2020 has been a challenging year for hospitals. Record profits from United Healthcare. Walmart's expansion into primary care. Legal defeats on price transparency, site-neutral payments and 340B payments. And all of this in the midst of a global pandemic. The really bad news? It's only getting worse.

Here, we discuss how you can develop data-driven strategies and tactics that will help your system not only survive but thrive in the current market. 

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[Article]  The Good (But Not Great) News About T-Cells and Herd Immunity

(Intelligencer, August 9)

"All research into COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 is very young. But the early returns suggest that herd immunity has probably not been reached in many places, and cross-reactive T-cell response almost certainly does not functionally immunize those who have it. It may well be the case that some amount of community protection kicks in below 60 percent exposure, and possibly quite a bit below that threshold, and that those who exhibit a cross-reactive T-cell immune response, while still susceptible to infection, may also have some meaningful amount of protection against severe disease."

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[Article] Filtration Efficiency of Hospital Face Mask Alternatives Available for Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(JAMA Internal Medicine, August 11, 2020)

"In this quality-improvement study of 29 fitted face mask alternatives, expired N95 respirators with intact elastic bands and masks that had been subjected to ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide sterilization had unchanged fitted filtration efficiencies (FFEs) of more than 95%, while the performance of N95 respirators in the wrong size resulted in decreased FFEs between 90% and 95%. As a group, surgical and procedure masks had lower FFEs relative to N95 respirators, with masks secured with elastic ear loops showing the lowest performance."

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[Research Article]  Low-cost measurement of facemask efficacy for filtering expelled droplets during speech

(Duke University, August 7, 2020)

"Mandates for mask use in public during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, worsened by global shortage of commercial supplies, have led to widespread use of homemade masks and mask alternatives. It is assumed that wearing such masks reduces the likelihood for an infected person to spread the disease, but many of these mask designs have not been tested in practice. We have demonstrated a simple optical measurement method to evaluate the efficacy of masks to reduce the transmission of respiratory droplets during regular speech.”

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[Article: Subscription Required]  Nicholas Christakis on fighting covid-19 by truly understanding the virus

(The Economist, August 10, 2020)

"Seven varieties of coronavirus infect humans: four give us the sniffles; one causes a deadly disease smouldering in the Middle East since 2012; and two erupted into full-on pandemics. The first caused SARS and it petered out quickly. The other causes covid-19 and it has hobbled the global economy. Why the difference?"

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