ADAM: Hey guys, welcome to Prescription for Growth. I'm Adam Peebles the SVP of Growth for Trilliant Health joined by my co-host, Jason Nardella VP of Data Intelligence.

So, on that, as you're thinking about the patients that are migrating off of the commercial insurance and are becoming uninsured or moving to the Medicaid population, what are some of those tactics that hospitals can deploy to continue to keep engaged with them? Are you thinking, email marketing, are you thinking billboards, are you thinking general outreach? What are some of the tactics that hospitals can deploy today that will make it impactful as you're thinking about both your commercial insured patients, but also those that have fallen on hard times like many in our country today, and aren't in the commercial pool anymore?

Yeah, it's a really good question. You know, the idea of sort of medicine and sort of retail sense where you have price conscious shoppers and patients who are really looking at, you know, what is this going to cost me, I think, if anything, that's going to explode right now. Being forthright and honest and transparent about what your charges are, what you can expect from a reimbursement and how that billing is going to happen with the patient is going to be really important. It helps give peace of mind to the patient that they're not going to get some expected bill for tens of thousands of dollars that's going to put even more financial hardship on them, and being able to work through certain things like payment plans or, you know, I think more cost effective treatment plans is something that, again, you're by caring for them and by being attentive to those needs, you're ultimately as a system showing that you just want to care for that patient. That is going to create some type of loyalty, that's going to create sort of inner connection with you and that patient and really, you know, I think once we start to move away from all of this and move more in from a, an encounter based type of look at things, and then more to a patient focus based with things. The lifetime value of a patient is huge. And so, keeping that patient and keeping them locked and feeling like they want to use your system rather than others is really important right now.

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