ADAM: Hey guys, welcome to Prescription for Growth. I'm Adam Peoples, the SVP of Growth for Trilliant Health joined by my co host, Jason Nardella, VP of Data Intelligence.

ADAM: What's been interesting though, and I was talking to CSO in Southern California last week, and he said, "We're not restarting. We've been going on. Like, we've been having services. It's really that we need to just fire the engine again and get it going, pick back up the pace." Where are the patients and how long do we have to wait for them to come back for some of these electives?

JASON: So getting patients back in for elective surgeries or elective procedures or even just, you know, your regular check ins for health care I think is gonna all depend on how well you can gage and anticipate their needs. There's a fear out there. People don't want to be going into healthcare although they need it and their symptoms and their ailments are still going on. So being able to, I think, really be attentive to their needs and think about what it is that is gonna keep them safe and make them feel comfortable is the best way to get them back in. A great entry point is honestly gonna be telemedicine. If you can start to see your doctor, if you can see that your doctor's at the office or that the office is up and running, and that people are going there and feeling safe, that's gonna be a big deal. And, you know, starting that care back up even if it's through telemedicine is gonna help people get more comfortable and get back in the door. As we get into procedures, I think we start to talk a little bit about what happened with everybody's health insurance and so, you know, there's gonna be, I think, a little bit more lag on some of the procedures outside of your Medicare population and your Medicaid population. Commercially insured folks, you know, with everything that's happened in the job market are really reeling and nothing is an "elective procedure," but people will, I think, live with pain rather than try to foot, you know, a big, big bill at this time.

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